Section 1: Bros and Bros

    1. Bros shall treat their fellow bros as they, their bro self, would like to be treated.
    2. Bros shall always treat each other and the places they are at with respect.

    • a. Should any bro not comply, they may be asked to leave, at which point, bro is required to oblige.
    • b. Should said bro not oblige the request, said bro should be separated from everyone else and distracted until they pass out. At which point, they may be required to either:
      • i. Sleep until they wake it off.
      • ii. Sleep and wake up with a bunch of penii drawn on their face with magic marker.

      3. Bros shall always have each other’s backs. In the case that one bro should be acting like a dick:

      • a. Their bro’s will try and calm them down
      • b. Should calming the bro down not work, said bro will try and calm the other party down.
      • c. Should that not work, bro shall attempt to try and take the party elsewhere.

      4. In the case that other party is acting like a dick:

      • a. Determine what caused the issue.
      • b. If other bro is being a dick, leave to not bring other conflict upon the place you’re frequenting.
      • c. If other bro won’t allow you to leave… stand by your bro for backup.

      4. In the morning after an issue:

      • a. Said bro should remind other bro of what happened the previous night.
      • b. Listen to the story provided by bro for what caused the issue.
      • c. Correct bro, if bro was wrong.
      • d. Avoid laughing at penii on his face.

      5. Should offending bro have an important event to be at the following day, other bros shall respect his appearance and not draw penii all over him while sleeping, and will earn a free slap to be used at their leisure.